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23 Jul 2024 04:08:09EST

Death Clock Moratorium

Measured on the blockchain, your personal Death Clock NFT counts down your time left on Earth.

The time to transform: Become a fossil. Form a pebble. Turn to ash. Death Clock is a serial NFT project and a reminder that time is not on our side.

Time is indifferent. Life is limited. Death Clock is a serial NFT reminder of the impermanence of human life. Your age, gender, screen time, and other data become your expiration date. Measured on the blockchain and counting down to zero, your personal Death Clock NFT estimates how much time you have left on Earth and stores your date and time of death on-chain.

Death Clock NFTs can be bought and sold, but with each transfer the clock is reborn.

Death Clock Moratorium

About DIS

DIS is a New York–based collective working across mediums and platforms. Born in 2010 as the online publication DIS Magazine (2010–17), the collaborative grew out of intersecting presences in net art, publishing, and fashion. In 2018, DIS launched the radical streaming platform to produce and publish original series and docs by artists and filmmakers. DIS has curated exhibitions including the 9th Berlin Biennale, The Present in Drag (2016) and the Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement (2021). Throughout projects and identities, DIS has expanded art’s possibilities and expanded its role in education, entertainment, commerce, and the public sphere—merging all into one.

About Special Offer, Inc.

Special Offer, Inc. is an award–winning creative tech company committed to the growth of subculture thru digital experience led by Brent David Freaney.

Since 2011 Freaney has created, designed, and developed a body of work both through his studio and his personal practice, where projects are animated by a desire to generate new exploratory and critical frameworks. Approaching identity systems as malleable structures, Freaney works within the confines afforded by the internet to reshape the possibilities of unbounded digital space.

About Chain/Saw

Chain/Saw launched March 2021 as an artist-founded NFT platform focused on intimate artist collaborations and boutique microsite experiences.

Chain/Saw is a space for artists and collectors to both create and experiment with a new digital art paradigm, and ultimately shape it.

Chain/Saw was founded to further the challenging conversation surrounding the future of digital art, engaging a community of artists, inspired collectors, and curious audiences alike.